These Halls of Fame might accept Pete Rose

Imagine the pageantry when Pete Rose is finally inducted into a Hall of Fame. Any Hall of Fame. ESPN.com Illustration

Baseball's Hall of Fame inducts its newest class this weekend -- congratulations, Barry Larkin and Ron Santo -- and once again, Pete Rose will not be among the honorees. But just because Cooperstown is out doesn't mean there aren't plenty of other halls of fame out there that might have a place for baseball's all-time hits king.

Off Base went in search of them.

For example, Rose is eligible for the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in St. Marys, Ontario. After all, he played one season for the then-Montreal Expos.

"He was nominated at one point, but I don't think he's still on the ballot," says Scott Crawford, the Hall's director of operations. "You stay on the ballot for nine years and then you go off the ballot."

Oh, well. Crawford says Pete can go back on the ballot; all he needs is to get nominated again.

How about the nation's original Hall of Fame, the Hall of Fame for Great Americans, which opened in 1900 and is located at Bronx Community College? Sadly, Wendell Joyner, its director, says Charlie Hustle does not have a place there among already-inducted luminaries such as Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and George Washington Carver.

"The HOF for Great Americans would probably not accommodate Pete Rose because when nominations were being considered for over seven decades, you had to make a major contribution to society," Joyner said in an email. "Since there are no athletes depicted in the HOF, I believe they did not consider sports as something noteworthy that should be remembered in the colonnade."

Evidently, they never saw Pete sing the Aqua Velva commercial.

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