Eagles: From 'Dream Team' to 'Dynasty'

The Eagles' 8-8 record last year didn't faze Mike Vick's confidence. He sees a dynasty in the making. Nick Laham/Getty Images

It’s over, everyone. The 2012 NFL season is over before training camps even opened. The Philadelphia Eagles have declared themselves a dynasty. All other teams can now hope for only runner-up to the back-to-back preseason champions.

A year after backup quarterback Vince Young (now of the Buffalo Bills) said the Eagles were a “Dream Team,” starting quarterback Michael Vick has raised the stakes and declared that the Eagles have the potential to be a “dynasty.”

Young erred in limiting the Eagles to greatness just last year. A Dream Team is one team. One year. The 1992 Olympic basketball team. The 2011 Philadelphia Eagles. Et cetera. Vick sees more.

"When I look at our football team and what we have on paper … I think we have a chance to be that. I think we have a chance to develop a dynasty,” Vick told Comcast SportsNet Philly. "I think it's just a mindset for my organization on down to the players. We know we can do it. We know what we have. That's the great thing about it.”

BOOM. One Super Bowl title for the Eagles, which would be the franchise's first ever, would be nothing to a group as talented as this one. They're looking way beyond that.

So now we know the real reason Young got shipped out of town: failure to see the big picture. Failure to realize Philadelphia’s long-term destiny of championship after championship after championship. He saw the Eagles, with their 32-year-old quarterback, who hasn’t played a full 16-game season since 2006, and their head coach, who's titleless in 13 years, and their suspect defense run by an offensive line coach, and somehow thought there were limitations on them. What a dummy.

Oh, no. The Eagles are about to win all the Super Bowls as far as the eye can see. All your Super Bowls belong to Eagles. Doubt it? Don’t make me quote Vick again. OK I will.

“Look at our football team and what we have on paper.”

Lesson learned. For the second year in a row. No one else has a chance.

Well, except maybe the Cowboys. They have everything it takes to be awesome again this year, too.

But that’s it. The Eagles and Cowboys will be the best teams. Same as every year. Don’t step in the way of these dynasties or you will get run over. Or at least receive a very nasty papercut.