Fandom celebrates Fenway Park's 100th

Fandom imagines a festive 100th birthday celebration for Boston's storied Fenway Park. Philip Dauria/ESPN.com

It’s Fenway Park’s 100th birthday and Fandom is throwing a party! We’re still finalizing the guest list, but here are some things that partygoers can expect from the festivities:

  • Piñatas modeled after Bucky Dent and Aaron Boone and filled with clam chowder instead of candy will please young and old alike.

  • Red Sox relievers will demonstrate that they can actually throw strikes, again and again, at the Bobby Valentine dunk tank.

  • Kevin Youkilis will reveal that his physical and emotional absence in games is a result of all the hard work he’s been putting into making a very pretty layer cake with “Happy 100th Fennway [sic]” written in icing.

  • Guests will bring plenty of gifts, including “Fever Pitch” on Blu-Ray and a leather-bound volume of death threats sent to Bill Buckner.

  • Bobby Jenks will commit multiple hit-and-runs on the refreshments table.

  • A small side celebration will be held for the stragglers who are just now finishing the Boston Marathon.

  • Lester and Beckett will sneak sips from a flask filled with fried chicken smoothie.

  • The Green Monster and the Marlins' home run sculpture will be spotted getting a little smoochy at the end of the night.