Brett Favre to coach high school football?

According to a report out of Mississippi, Brett Favre is returning to football, as the offensive coordinator for Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg, the same high school where he regularly worked out with the team.

This is obviously huge news, so Playbook reached out to its network of dubious sources to glean every bit of information we can learn about Favre's coaching style. They've responded quickly, delivering the legendary QB's playbook and his practice schedule:


9 a.m. -- Practice starts/warm-up

9:30 -- Practice starts for the players who think they’re too good to show up when everyone else does

10 -- Light scrimmage versus Brett’s jeans-wearing friends in a nearby field

11 -- Retire

11:05 -- Unretire

11:10 -- Be like a you out there

11: 15 -- Celebratory-jumping-into-linemen's-arms drills

11:30 -- Press conference drills

11:45 -- Throwing ball as hard as you can

12:00 p.m. -- Throwing ball as far as you can

12:15 -- Just running around

12:30 -- Folksy drills

12:45 -- Forcing passes into triple coverage/tip drill

1:00 -- Retire for the day

Kurt Snibbe contributed to the delinquency of this item.