The Greatest Sports Teams Ever Right Now

Venus Williams high-fives Anastasia Rodionova last week during another Washington Kastles win. AP Photo/Nick Wass

5. Team Sky -- Team Sky placed riders 1st and 2nd in the Tour de France: Britons Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome. No doubt you have already seen many of your friends jump aboard the bandwagon and sport Team Sky jerseys. (Note: All Tour de France outcomes subject to change over decade-long drug testing and appeals process.)

4. Great Britain -- What a sports dynamo this land is. First and second in the Tour de France, Andy Murray made the Wimbledon final, Luke Donald tied for fifth at the Open Championship and England appeared in the Euro Cup. And no doubt as many as several bronze medals await them in the London Games. If you want athletic excellence, you want Great Britain.

3. USA Basketball -- Quick! Name one of the greatest teams ever. I bet many of you said the 1992 Dream Team. Well, Kobe Bryant says the 2012 team would beat that 1992 team. (Note: If this list included six teams, Argentina would be on it. They only lost to the U.S. by six points on Sunday. That means they’re also probably better than the 1992 Dream Team! Wow. We’re blessed to live in a time of such athletic greatness!)

2. Philadelphia Eagles -- With World Series, Stanley Cup and NBA titles seemingly changing hands every year, the Eagles are the only dynasty we have right now in professional sports.

UPDATE: The Eagles and Panthers may go both 19-0! This year's NFC Championship Game will be so exciting.

1. Washington Kastles -- They’ve now won 27 World Team Tennis matches in a row. Even the Eagles haven’t won that many Super Bowls in a row. The Kastles are so dominant right now that I can’t even name another WTT team. And people try to say that the pro teams in our nation’s capital don’t win anything. Pffft. It’s a Kastles town. The Nationals and RGIII have to earn their place in the spotlight.