Fort Myers Miracle seek next Jamie Moyer

It began with a tweet.

The Fort Myers Miracle, Class A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins in the Florida State League, put on the promotion Thursday night in hopes of accomplishing two things:

  • Drum up business at the speed pitch machine.

  • Potentially find a serviceable batting practice pitcher.

"If someone can throw 80 mph, we might be able to use them from time to time to pitch batting practice," Miracle spokesman Gary Sharp said.

Sharp said between 80 and 90 people tried the promotion, paying $1 for three throws. Unfortunately, no one was able to top 78 mph. One persistent fan came the closest to eclipsing Moyer, reaching 76 mph.

"I’m told he got more and more frustrated," Sharp said. "He had buddies that kept egging him on, and he wound up spending about $50."