Dwight Howard's camp website needs edits

Oops! Dwight Howard has a few incorrect and/or iffy sentences on his camp website. Derick E. Hingle/US Presswire

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard has a website for his annual Dwight Howard Basketball ProCamp -- a two-day basketball camp for boys and girls aged 7 to 18. This year’s camp is scheduled to open on August 13. But before it opens, Howard might want to consider having a few edits made to the site.

    • Remove the part where it says that each camper receives an “Autographed Camp Team Photo with Dwight.”

    • Remove or clarify the part about campers receiving “Expert Instruction.”

    • Explain how campers will have a “Fun and Educational Experience Guaranteed!”

    • Remove this sentence: “Dwight Howard will give daily talks highlighting the finer points of the game of basketball and beyond.” Or at least add “LOL” after it.

    • In the section where it says that each camper receives an “Adidas Camp T-Shirt,” clarify whether it is this hilariously ironic shirt or not.

    • Remove the testimonial that reads: “My children enjoyed learning the techniques and walked away giggling each day about Dwight's comedy with the campers. I stayed with my kids for all three days and was so entertained by the way that Dwight and the coaches worked with the kids.”

    • Remove the testimonial that reads: “I was very impressed as to how much time Dwight Howard spent at the camp and interacting with the kids. Dwight absolutely made the difference. He seemed to spend time with almost every kid and was interactive and fun. Dwight spent a significant amount of his valuable time interacting with all of the kids and for me that was unexpected as a first time participant.”

    • Remove Dwight Howard from the staff listings.

    • Remove Dwight Howard’s name from the name of the camp.

    • Change the $199 camp fee to “FREE” or $0.

I think those are the only typos I noticed. Get those fixed, and everything for the camp should be good to go!

Or, if editing isn’t your thing, maybe just reconsider blowing off your own camp for children and attend it instead.