Teammates: U.S. Olympic women's soccer

Megan Rapinoe, wearing her familiar No. 15, spilled the beans about her teammates to Playbook. Graham Stuart/AFP/GettyImages

Editor's note: Welcome to the first installment of "Teammates," an occasional Playbook series in which athletes share personal tidbits and anecdotes about their peers.

The U.S. women's soccer team squares off against Japan in the gold-medal match Thursday at 2:45 p.m. ET at London's Wembley Stadium. Playbook recently caught up with midfielder Megan Rapinoe and asked her to categorize her teammates.

Here's what transpired:

BEST DRESSER: "Lauren Cheney. She is the style queen. Anytime I need a new trend, I just follow what Lauren’s doing."

DIVA: "Carli Lloyd. She’s a Jersey diva, a soccer junkie with a New Jersey attitude."

WORST DRESSER: "Nicole Barnhart. She wears joggers and trainers all the time. She could mix it up."

MOST TRANSFORMED: "Alex Morgan. She’s the baby horse turned stallion."

LONGEST IN THE MIRROR: "Hope Solo. She’s always in a mirror."

WORST PRACTICE PLAYER: "Me. I like big games. Who doesn’t? They’re so much easier to get up for than practice. I struggle. I’m not going through the motions, but I need to really focus to be in it at training."

FIRST INTO THE GYM, LAST OUT: "Rachel Buehler. She is the stretch queen. She’s got it all. The BOSU board, the rolling mechanisms. She struggles to recover. Or maybe she just puts more time into it than all of us."

LAST INTO THE GYM, FIRST OUT: "Sydney Leroux. She’s a young kid. She’s just having fun, but she will develop a lot more."

BIGGEST EATER: "Abby Wambach. She puts the mountains of plates together and just takes it down."

LEAST CAFFEINATED: "Amy LePeilbet. She’s just so chill."

TOUGHEST: "Shannon Boxx. She’s tough as nails. She is the heart of our midfield, makes these crazy tackles and always come out with the ball."

GOOFIEST: "Heather O’Reilly. She comes up with the funniest stuff. She’s not afraid to laugh at herself. Or to laugh at everyone else."

MOST SENTIMENTAL: "Heather Mitts. This has been like the trip of lasts. It’s her last go-round, so it’s been like, 'Mitsy, this is your last first night. It’s your last first ice bath. Your last first bus ride.'"

BOOKWORM: "Becky Sauerbrunn. She always has her nose in a book. Always reading."

SURF BUM: "Kelly O’Hara. She was just talking to the Nike rep here about getting a new wetsuit. She’s been on her computer watching the U.S. Open."

BEST SLEEPER: "Tobin Heath. She’s so chill. She’s practically sleeping when she’s awake."

CAPTAIN AMERICA: "Christine Rampone. She is unbelievable. She has two kids, is 37 years old and is the fittest on our team. She is our rock back there."

QUICKEST WIT: "Amy Rodriguez. She’s not outspoken, but she comes up with the wittiest stuff super-fast."