Stadium Journey: Indianapolis' best venues

Lucas Oil Stadium will play host to Andrew Luck's first taste of NFL competition on Sunday afternoon. AP Photo/AJ Mast

[Editor's note: Playbook is tapping its friends at Stadium Journey to share their wealth of information about sports venues across the country and around the world. So as Andrew Luck prepares for Sunday's preseason debut with the Colts, we rank the athletic facilities of Indianapolis.]

Indianapolis is filled with great sports venues. From the old classics like Butler's Hinkle Fieldhouse to new beauties like Lucas Oil Stadium, sports fans are sure to have a good time in Indianapolis. Here is our ranking of the stadiums and arenas of Indianapolis, perhaps the best sports downtown area in the country.

1. Lucas Oil Stadium - Home of the Indianapolis Colts

Named as the best sports stadium in 2011 by Stadium Journey Magazine, Lucas Oil Stadium has everything that a fan of the NFL would want. It will be curious to see how the experience changes with a new QB at the helm in Andrew Luck.

2. Hinkle Fieldhouse - Home of the Butler Bulldogs

Movie magic aside, this venue provides historical significance, and modern day excitement. It is without question, an absolutely great place to see a game. The student section is small, sandwiching the court on both baselines, but the energy is pervasive. This aided by a solid pep band, and a ridiculously large cheerleading and dance squad.

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