Playbook examines athletes' private Tweets

Aly Raisman, right, learned a Twitter lesson. Perhaps face-to-face conversation works better? AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

Kids these days, what with their dubsteps and iZunes and laser hair removal, you can never quite put a finger on what wacky thing they’ll do next. U.S. gymnast Aly Raisman learned a lesson in youthful indiscretion Wednesday when she accidentally Tweeted what was supposed to be a private message (since deleted) to all 380,000 of her followers, detailing plans to go to a hip discotheque with the MALE gymnasts.

Okay I have no idea were going with the guy gymnasts to some club I'll find out for you were so nervous. Omg

That’s right. Girls AND fellas, together on an unsupervised social outing. Lindy hop city!

These kinds of slip-ups happen way more often than people think, and during the Olympics we’ve been putting together a bunch of athlete Tweets that were meant to be private but briefly surfaced for at least Playbook to see.

Danell Levya:

The girl gymnasts wanna go out 2nite but theyre not old enough for clubs, so we have to hide them in pringles cans to get past the bouncer

McKayla Maroney:

Danell we can just vault our way in, but plz have a pillow for our butts to land on

LeBron James:

They don’t call me King James for nothin. Tell my people when I die I better get buried in one of these big old churches here w/the royalty

Ryan Lochte:

Mark, don’t have enough Axe body spray to finish off Olympics, please send another barrel ASAP

Trevor Barron (racewalker):

You girls goin to a club tonight? Don’t forget the racewalkers! We world class athletes need to stick together and mate *huffs inhaler*

Lolo Jones:

Hi Dr. Phil. I feel like I’ve gone from Yolo Jones to Nolo Jones :( . Do you have any advice for me?

Holley Mangold:


Michael Phelps:

Dolphin spirit, I command thee: BE GONE FROM MY BODY! Your work is done, and I’ve been your slave for too long. Let me rest; I am weary.