Rare sight on Texas A&M jersey: seniority

Courtesy of Texas A&M

A few months back I wrote about Robert Griffin III wearing the Roman numeral "III" on his jersey -- an NFL first. We also talked about the handful of players in various sports who've worn "Jr."

But something much rarer is brewing at Texas A&M, where the football equipment staff recently tweeted a photo of a bunch of new jerseys. Notice anything unusual there (aside from the ridiculous beveling on the numerals, that is)?

Number 14 is defensive back Floyd Raven -- or Floyd Raven Sr., as he's now known. He didn't wear the generational suffix on his jersey last season but asked that it be added this year, as an acknowledgment of his son.

"Sr." is a rare sight on uniforms, for obvious reasons. To my knowledge, no NFL, MLB, NHL or NBA player has ever worn it (that includes Ken Griffey Sr. and Cal Ripken Sr., who just wore their surnames). I do recall having seen another college football player wear "Sr." a couple of years ago, but now I can't recall who it was. Can anyone out there remember? In any case, it's a safe bet that the Aggies will be one of the very few squads -- maybe the only one -- with a "Sr." on the field this season.

As for Raven, a 19-year-old sophomore, he's proud of his family. His Twitter profile reads, "Fam man!! Quanta Raven, n our pride n joy, jr!"