A taste of Scottish golf in SW Oregon

It's right next to the Pacific Ocean, but it feels something like the North Sea off the Scottish coast. Joe Fortenbaugh, ESPN The Magazine

Behind a nondescript locked gate on a sublime stretch of real estate 100 feet above the Pacific Ocean in southwest Oregon is where you’ll find the Bally Bandon Sheep Ranch. It has no clubhouse, no golf carts, no driving range. But more importantly, it has no other golfers.

The Sheep Ranch consists of 12 greens designed by legendary golf course architect Tom Doak. The simplistic scorecard offers a suggested route to follow, but the Sheep Ranch isn’t about guidelines and restrictions. Golfers select any green, pick a spot to tee off and fire away, the same way our Scottish forefathers played the game after its creation in the 15th century.

The course charges $100 per golfer, but chances are a group will have the entire course for the day. It just has to be sure to bring plenty of balls.