Will Blackhawks rookie go to fan's prom?

“Some people consider prom the most important day of high school. Others consider it the most important day of their lives,” begins a video that is quickly going viral among hockey fans.

Deep in the heart of Red Wings country is a high school senior whose knight in shining armor wears a red sweater to work with an Indian head on the front and No. 65 on the back.

Traverse City, Mich., resident Jordan Homa, 17, hopes to make 20-year-old Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw her senior prom date, even though he might be working on the day of the big dance.

“He’s cute, and he plays hockey for my favorite team,” the effervescent brunette said. “It just doesn’t get any better.”

With help of a friend, Homa created a video based on the Blackhawks’ popular “One Goal” commercials. The video features her getting ready for the prom in a pink dress she chose for the occasion as a narrator states her case for Shaw and all the world to hear.

“If Andrew Shaw would go to prom with Jordan on May 12, she would consider it an honor,” the video continues, as Homa applies her makeup inside her family’s home.

One problem – if the Blackhawks get past the Coyotes in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, Shaw will be in Nashville or Chicago that night as the team works to keep its Stanley Cup dreams alive.

“I’d rather see them win than him come to prom, but if it doesn’t work out, I’m available,” she said. “There’s no boyfriend interfering here.”

Since posting it a week ago, Homa’s video has gotten traction on YouTube thanks in large part to her own aggressive outreach via social media. She says she’s tweeted Shaw and the Blackhawks numerous times hoping to catch their eye.

“I figure that social media is the best way to do anything nowadays,” Homa said.

But has Shaw seen the video?

If he has, he isn’t acknowledging it publicly. However, Homa’s efforts have caught the eye of several people in and around Shaw’s inner circle.

“I got a response from [Blackhawks winger] Bryan Bickell’s girlfriend, Amanda Caskenette, saying she’d show him the video,” Homa said. “I also got a message from one of [Shaw’s] best friends from high school, Steven Csanyi, saying, ‘Jordan, you all over my boy Shaw, eh?’”

Homa admits her request is a long shot, given that Shaw is a professional athlete and, as she says, cute. But that’s not stopping her from trying to get his attention.

“Just for him to see it would be nice,” she said. “I’m not trying to get my hopes up.”