Upon review, World Peace evokes Gandhi

Once again, Lakers forward Metta World Peace is basking in the spotlight of misinterpretation. Harry How/Getty Images

Halcyon beacon of nonviolence Metta World Peace nearly decapitated Thunder forward James Harden on Sunday with one of his Gandhi-like elbows, compromising his image as the NBA’s foremost champion of tranquility and anti-belligerence.

The elbowing took place following one of World Peace’s dunks, when the emotion of his modest celebration compelled his arm to swing backward into Harden’s skull, eliciting a concussion.

World Peace took to Twitter after the game to put the incident into perspective, and undoubtedly the league will consider his argument and forgo a lengthy suspension.

See? He knows he was out of line. He knows how Harden feels, seeing as this kind of thing has happened to him before. The real villain is Kendrick Perkins, whose emotional imbalance left World Peace with a broken nose. If only other athletes would embrace this kind of logic, we’d realize that pretty much everything bad that happens in the world is all the result of simple misunderstandings:

Raffi Torres: Just watched the Hossa hit again … Oooo … Didn’t even see him … My shoulder is super sore … His chin bruised me pretty bad …

Ndamukong Suh: Wow … hope Dietrich-Smith is OK … Omg … Saw a bee and tried to stomp it before it stung anyone … Bees too unpredictable

Bowser: Just watched replay of me setting Yoshi on fire … Mario used to spit fireballs at me the same way … Fireballs too hot

Shea Weber: Hope Zetterberg is OK … I remember the same thing happening to me at a metal show … Was head-banging really hard … Neck sore for like 3 weeks …

Iceberg that sunk the Titanic: Hope everyone on the Titanic is OK … I remember when a whale rammed into me pretty good … lost a lot of ice chunks … Whales too emotional