Get ready for Uni Watch Power Rankings!

It started with a simple question: What if we ranked every NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL team based on their uniform designs?

Yeah, sure, what if. It's a crazy idea -- there are 122 teams in the four major professional leagues. And how can you compare a basketball uniform, which covers maybe half of the body, to a hockey uniform, which covers everything but the face? How can you compare the Los Angeles Dodgers, who've had essentially the same uniform since 1952, to the Charlotte Bobcats, who've existed for less than a decade and are already on their third major uniform concept?

The more we thought about it, though, the better we liked the idea. If "The Artist," "War Horse," and "Moneyball" can all be nominated for Best Picture, why can't the Yankees, Packers, and Heat all be in the running for best uniform? Think of it this way: Even when you're comparing apples to oranges, you still know what tastes good and what doesn't.

And besides, rankings and lists are fun. Admit it, you're already wondering how your favorite teams would stack up.

And so the Uni Watch Power Rankings were born. Numbers were crunched, algorithms were devised, photos and videos were studied, bribes were solicited, and so on. Now everything has been tabulated into one massive chart, listing all 122 NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL uniform sets.

Beginning on Monday, we'll start rolling out that chart. We'll continue throughout next week, going worst to first, so we'll begin with the bottom-feeders on Monday and move our way up to the top of the heap -- including our choice for the best-looking team in major-level professional sports -- on Friday.

Some of you, of course, may disagree with our rankings. And that's fine -- the whole point of an enterprise like this is to discuss, debate, and argue. We invite you to join in on Twitter, using the hashtag #UniRank. That should make it a fun week. See you then.