K.C. serves peanuts, hot dogs, Brisketacho

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There’s no official warning outside the stadium gates, but visitors to Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium this season would be wise to beware the Brisketacho.

Wrigley Field has the bison hot dog and U.S. Cellular Field has the Cuban Comet sandwich, but they ain’t got nothing on the Brisketacho, the Royals’ newest gut-busting ballpark creation that likely has more than a few fans (and sportswriters) leaving the City of Fountains with pants that fit just a little bit tighter.

Aramark introduced the unique taste to the Kauffman Stadium menu at the start of this season. Since then, the dish has slowly gained notoriety, with the peak coming in the form of a mention on national television during All-Star Weekend.

So what exactly is it?

Imagine everything you like about barbecue -- brisket, baked beans, cheesy corn and cole slaw -- piled high over a bed of chips with an extra dousing of BBQ sauce, balancing precariously on a plastic plate, all yours for a (relatively) wallet-friendly $9. If you’re not into slaw, you can ask for an extra scoop of brisket instead at no extra cost.

The result is delicious, but definitely not nutritious, a taste uniquely American that is more than reason enough to visit Kansas City.

The tangy BBQ sauce is almost neutralized by the cheesy corn and the smoky brisket. Unlike traditional nacho dishes, you’re going to need a fork to tackle this one, due to the generous mountain of toppings smothering the chips. Wash it down with one of the city’s famous Boulevard wheat beers, because after downing all of that salt and sauce, you’re going to need some liquid refreshment.

The good news: If you’re feeling guilty about all of that gluttony, the team does have several options for you to work it off, including batting cages out in left field, a miniature golf course, and a spacious concourse that wraps around the stadium.