August Music of The Month

August, 4, 2017
Aug 4

It's summer time and the livin' is easy! We've got new music from Diana Fuentes, Kesha ft. Eagles of Death Metal & The Dap-Kings Horns, Damian Marley, and Mystery Skulls all month long!

First Take Tunes

August, 3, 2017
Aug 3

Check out our First Take Spotify playlist to hear music from this month's featured artists.

"Talk To Me" by Blonder, "You Know It" by Derek Minor, "Why So Serious" by Devvon Terrell, and "Do I Have To Talk You Into It" by Spoon can be heard all month long on First Take!

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This year’s 131st Wimbledon Tournament fell nothing short of the heated summertime passionate tournament we were expecting! and that’s not the only thing heating up the summer - Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Bobby Bones, of “The Bobby Bones Show” was just announced as the youngest person ever to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

The Green Room PR

Bobby also happens to be a longtime friend of former professional tennis player, Andy Roddick.

This month, we had the opportunity to interview “The Most Powerful Man In Country Music”- Forbes, country radio’s Bobby Bones. “The Bobby Bones Show” reaches over 5.1 Million weekly listeners across the country on iHeart Radio. It doesn’t stop there; he’s also an author, comedian, philanthropist, as well as, a recording artist with a #1 comedy album featuring several high profile country artists like Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley!

His creativity helped start his career when he was 17 years old at a radio station in Arkansas. Given that radio is his first love, he’s able to talk about anything he wants and capture his audience’s attention right off the bat. Bobby told ESPN Music, he's a “die hard sports fan” and since he’s a huge sports nerd, the decision to co-host a national radio show with Andy Roddick was a no-brainer. This was ideal because he didn’t have to prepare a lot. He told us how it felt natural hosting the show with a dear friend – especially since the show was focused on something they both hold so near and dear to their hearts, sports. The opportunity has helped develop him into to the star he is today. Bobby told us how on- air he always wants to be objective; that when you’re in the industry, you are either one of the people or one of the industry and he always tries to be one of the people even if it’s uncomfortable. He wants the audience to know the truth. Bones went on to tell us how when you spend a lot of time with an artist you tend to work well with each other; that grows and becomes a beneficial relationship on both ends.

This year, Bobby enjoyed the experience of hosting the iHeart Country Festival. Bones explained that the iHeart Country Festival was a lot of fun this year because he was able to do a lot of things: host, shoot a TV show and perform in the show. Since we labeled Bobby as a “Jack of All Trades”, we asked him what his favorite thing to do is, and he replied “The radio show is my first love because I get to be on air for 5 hours, free form, and talk about whatever I want! I want to make somebody laugh… cry… my goal is just to be compelling.”

Bobby enjoys the electric atmosphere in Nashville, because everyone in the Country Music community is so close. Since people are usually busy touring and working, Bobby told us how it's great when he gets the opportunity to catch up with people.

His philanthropic efforts were inspired from being on the road with his band and doing comedy. For example, one year, they were touring the country playing for charities and raised a couple $100K. To date, Bones has raised over $6 million total!

Since he’s on the road so much, Bobby says he stays up to date on sports by visiting He loves the team feeds and Insider articles - which help out with his Fantasy sports. Bobby told us all about how he’s a huge Chicago Cubs fan and joked with us saying he spent all his money to going to his 1st World Series last year. He’s also a die hard Arkansas Razorback fan and has a tattoo of the state of Arkansas to prove it! Bobby looks forward to attending the International Tennis Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for Andy Roddick at the end of this month to show support for his dear friend.

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July Music of The Month

July, 7, 2017
Jul 7

Summer is heating up and we have some great new tracks to keep July blazin’! New music from The Killers, Macklemore ft. Skylar Grey, Major Lazer ft. Busy Signal; and Machel Montano & Konshens, Jaden Smith, J Balvin, and underground hip hop group Rootbeer!

Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors may be basketball's reigning champs, but there was once a time when Dennis Rodman was the mega star running up and down the court! With the help of alternative hip hop duo, Mansionz, Dennis Rodman is back in the game! The duo consists of multi-platinum, singer-songwriter/producer, Mike Posner, and underground alternative, R&B artist/producer, Blackbear, who are both industry known for their vocals and production.


This month, ESPN Music had the chance to catch up with Mansionz to hear about their collaboration with Dennis Rodman. Prior to release, they gave us a sneak peek of their new music video “Dennis Rodman” feat. Dennis Rodman and we had to find out more!

Mike and Blackbear both came up with the idea to work with Rodman since they both share the same free spiritedness like Dennis Rodman. Earlier this year, their free spiritedness on the Red Carpet at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards caught everyone’s attention with their green hair and measurable doses of irreverent chaos. Mike says he is "a big fan of Dennis Rodman" and even joked that all his computer passwords are DennisRodmanandKing91919191. Blackbear helped come up with the video concept with inspiration from NBA2K and loves how the video came out, saying "Imagine playing against Dennis Rodman?!" Although they don’t play basketball often as it looked in the music video, they do enjoy table tennis, water polo, javelin and ultimate frisbee.

In the near future, they plan to shoot a video for their song “Wicked” which features rapper, G-Eazy. The duo also plans on touring to promote their self-titled album next summer in Germany. Somewhere in between their busy schedule, they said they "would love to come to Bristol and host SportsCenter". We'd love that too! In the meantime, check out the "Dennis Rodman" Music Video HERE.

Their self-titled album, Mansionz, is available now on iTunes.

First Take Tunes

June, 8, 2017
Jun 8

Check out our First Take Spotify playlist to hear music from this month's featured artists.

"Tell Me" by R.LUM.R, "There Go That Man" by Rawsrvnt feat. Lil Raskull, and "Give Up The Funk" by Parliament can be heard all month long on First Take!

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June Music of the Month

June, 7, 2017
Jun 7

School's out for Summer! With the Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals, and all your upcoming Graduation parties ahead, we have a few new and familiar artists to start your Summer off right! New music from ZZ Ward, Dvicio, Broadside, J Hus, and All Time Low!

Last week, was a good week to be from Nashville. The Nashville Predators made it to the Stanley Cup Finals and Tennessee’s own, Free Throw, not only released their new album, Bear Your Mind, but they also kicked off their first headlining tour! We caught up with the band who talked of their love of the Preds, the recent addition to the team, P.K. Subban, and the inspiration behind some of the more personal songs on their album.

On May 26th, Free Throw debuted their 2nd studio release, Bear Your Mind, with prior single releases of “Randy, I am The Liquor” and “Better Have Burn Heal”. After learning more about the inspiration behind the lyrical messaging, the timing of the album release seemed fitting, given that the month of May is National Mental Health Month. Cory Castro (vocals & guitar) decided to write “Better Have Burn Heal” while struggling with his own body image issues. After going on medication for Anxiety, Cory, who had been in shape and very active all his life, rapidly gained weight as a side effect from the medication. Body Dysmorphia quickly became an everyday battle. Cory told ESPN Music, “I decided the best way to try and make myself feel better about it was to work towards the goals I have set in mind for myself and to write a song about it. I tried to write it in a way that was more relatable than just anyone who has struggled with weight issues - I wanted it to be relatable to people who have had any kind of identity issue or self-issues in general. I’m just trying to make people realize that no matter who you are, you can find a way to love yourself.” He spoke of the positive reactions from fans and how thankful he is, saying “When fans thank me for writing music like this, I always like to thank them back because most of the time I’m writing about my own personal struggles, and one of the worst things about struggling with anything personally is feeling like you’re alone. Knowing that you’re not, is one of the most helpful things.”

With this album, the band had a different subject in mind, focusing more on personal and internal struggles rather than drawing inspiration from relationships and break-ups, as they had in previous releases. Cory described this album as “Louder, a lot louder.” He went on to say, “We used a lot more overdrive. When we play live, we try to amp up our sound anyway, so with this record we really wanted to translate that live sound onto the record rather than just adding that element on stage after the fact.”

Throughout our interview with the band, their love of sports quickly became apparent. Even with their busy touring schedule, they always find time to go to as many Nashville Predators games as possible. “Bridgestone Arena is like my second home,” said Cory, “I love that place. I can’t get enough of it.” When the trade for their former Captain, Shea Weber, for Montreal Canadian P.K. Subban was announced, the band did have some mixed feelings – but not for long. “Losing a Captain is always a weird ordeal to go through, but honestly I love P.K.’s playstyle. He’s a lot faster and a lot less stationary than Shea was. To me, he’s just really good at the blue line and that’s something that’s always needed in a core defense in Hockey,” said Cory. Larry (guitar) recalled seeing the headlines, “The first line was like, oh my god, we lost Shea Weber and the next sentence was like, oh my god, we got P.K. Subban now!” Larry went on to say, “I’m also super excited to have him be part of the Nashville community. He’s such a charitable athlete. He seems to love it so far. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him not smiling.”

Nashville Predators defenseman, P.K. Subban, was recently featured in an episode of ESPN’s E:60. We asked the band what they thought about P.K.’s over the top personality. Justin (bassist) told ESPN Music how they love his larger than life persona, “We’ve never really had a personality like that on our team. We’ve always been a more laid back kind of team. It’s nice to have someone that really shines through as a superstar.”

With the release of Bear In Mind, kicking off their first headlining tour, and having their beloved Preds make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, we’d say it’s been an awesome few weeks for Free Throw, who left us with one final remark: “Go Preds. Go Titans. Go Vols. Go West Ham.”

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May Music of The Month

May, 5, 2017
May 5

We have new music for you all month long from Gorillaz, Juanes, and Logic!

First Take Tunes

May, 4, 2017
May 4

Check out our First Take Spotify playlist to hear music from this month's featured artists! "Get Together" by Bahari, "Warrior's Hymn" by Epoch Failure, and "AEIOU" by Golden Age can be heard all month long on First Take!

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Colton Dixon Explores Identity on 3rd Studio Album

April, 10, 2017
Apr 10

Two weeks after releasing his third studio album, Identity, Colton Dixon wrapped up the 46 city Winter Jam tour. We've been fans of Colton Dixon since his American Idol days and were excited to catch up with him to hear all about the new album, life on the road, oh... and his love of ping pong, of course.

With Identity, Colton was able to share a more vulnerable, personal side of himself with his fans. “It was actually a little scary. This record sounds a lot different than the other two so it’s a step in a new direction," he said. At first fans were uncertain but when the album dropped, the Colton Dixon team received an overwhelmingly positive response. "That was so encouraging. It’s hard as an artist," Colton continued, "You pour your heart and soul into these songs and you get them exactly where you want them and it’s like, here’s a piece of me for everyone else to either like or not like... But yea people seemed to be enjoying it!"

"The Other Side" was one song in particular, where Colton was able to address the topic of losing a loved one - a topic that he and his wife, Annie, hold near and dear to their hearts. Annie had lost her brother shortly before meeting Colton. "It was hard to comprehend," said Colton. "Annie was so happy and full of joy." Colton told ESPN Music, "When this song came, I sang that chorus to her and we just cried together. It was a beautiful moment for her and I as now a married couple to experience that together. I knew this was going to be a heavy song but hopefully one that brings healing to a lot of people."

Naming the album, Identity, was a personal choice for Colton. The album is split into three sections: Mind, Body, and Soul. Throughout the album, Colton challenges people to find out who they are and why they do what they do. He said, "by sharing a little bit about my journey personally through all of this, I just hope it makes people think and encourages them to become that person.”

On a lighter note... Colton described the last few months of touring as "summer camp for all the artists". And although hanging out backstage and playing ping pong and corn hole was a blast, Colton loved going out and exploring all the different cities they stopped in. "I really love Chicago, it’s one of my favorites. My buddy took us to this ping pong club bar place called SPiN in Chicago and they have 20-25 tables set up and you rent a table, get drinks and food. I'm just okay at ping pong.. I'm not amazing. But it's something fun to do outside the venue!"

Colton is no stranger to the sports world. He played baseball until high school before deciding to go the music route instead. But not everyone can say their job throughout their teenage years was face painting at professional hockey and football games! Colton's parents started their face painting & air brush company, Skycolt Graphix, and are now the exclusive Airbrush Tattoo Artist for Tennessee's pro franchise Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators. With that said, the whole Colton Dixon crew are huge Preds fans. Colton himself is a season ticket holder! “We tour with a wardrobe case that has a little TV in it, so I’ll hook my phone up to the TV and watch the Preds games when we can," said Colton.

And lastly, our interview wouldn't have been complete if we didn't ask him what his favorite thing to watch on ESPN was to which he told us "the Not Top 10 is a favorite. We love it." Don't we all??

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April Music of The Month

April, 6, 2017
Apr 6

April showers bring Ma...Masters, Baseball, the NFL Draft and NBA Playoffs! Hear new music from Deorro, Ocean Park Standoff, and Joey Bada$$ all month long on ESPN!

April First Take Tunes

April, 3, 2017
Apr 3

Check out our First Take Spotify playlist to hear music from this month's featured artists Bill Withers, Fedel, and Spoon.

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2017 March Music of the Month

March, 5, 2017
Mar 5

Hear new music from Big Sean, Axwell›Ingrosso, Skip Marley, and Jacob Forever all month long on ESPN!

First Take Flow

March, 1, 2017
Mar 1

Check out our First Take Spotify playlist to hear music from this month's featured artists Ben L'Oncle Soul, Lil Durk, and Mike Flowz feat. ANoyd, along with some of our other fav First Take tunes by Mark Ferg & The Culture, The Weeknd, T La Rock, Ariana Grande feat. Nicki Minaj, Curtis Mayfield, Marc Mysterio feat. J Rice and Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band.

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