Last Year's Rank: 48
Title Track: 11
Ownership: 39
Coaching: 49
Players: 37
Fan Relations: 52
Affordability: 110
Stadium Experience: 47
Bang for the Buck: 91

It's not like Joe Girardi isn't qualified to manage the Yankees. For starters, he was a catcher, and everybody knows catchers make the best managers. And not only was he a catcher, but he was a catcher on three world championship Bomber squads (1996, '98 and '99). What's more, in his first season filling out lineup cards (Florida, 2006), he was named NL Manager of the Year. Heck, he even has the cojones to wear number 27 in hopes of leading the Yanks to their 27th title. Still, Joe Girardi is no Joe Torre, and as far as what-have-you-done-for-me-lately New Yorkers are concerned, that's worth a 33-spot tumble in the Coaching department. Throw in price hikes for beer (up a dollar to $7), soda (up $1.50 to $5) and parking (up $2 to $14), and the imminent destruction of Yankee Stadium—oh, you hadn't heard?—and the Yanks drop by 17 spots overall, giving them their lowest ranking in Standings history. - Eddie Matz

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