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Alyssa Milano: The Plan to Keep Manny

"How about this for an idea on how we can afford Manny next season?" she writes. "For every home game remaining, we should pass around a collection basket at the stadium. You know, like the collection baskets at church. We can call it the 'Keep Manny In L.A. Fund.'

"Let's say the Dodgers average 48,000 fans for the remaining 20 home games, and everyone puts $10 into the 'Keep Manny In L.A. Fund.' That's $480,000 a game and $9.6 million total. Add that to the $50 million in other contracts that will come off the books, and you have 59.6 million. That means the McCourts only would have to come up with another $40.4 million to reach the $100 million contract Manny most likely is seeking. Piece of cake."

We love this idea, except we think Heidi and Spencer have to pay double.

LeBron James: This Is Our Time

LeBron talks revenge for the Redeem Team, and gets a chance to answer some fan mail along the way:

"Ni hao from China, everyone," he writes. "So heres a quick update to let everyone know we appreciate their support and know you're all pulling for us. We've got our next game against Greece tomorrow night, which is early in the morning Thursday back home. Right now, we're focused on one thing, and that's bringing home the gold.

"Before I log off, I wanted to answer a few questions that you guys wrote in over the past couple of weeks. Forgive me because I didn't keep track of who sent them in, but you know who you are! This is your Olympic moment."

Q: When did you first realize that you were good?

A: LOL. That's a funny one. I think it first hit me that I was pretty good when I was in 8th grade playing what we call AAU basketball. You go all over the United States to play basketball, and I started seeing myself dominating some of the tournaments we were playing in, so it was probably then.

Q: "When did you think that playing in the NBA was something you could possibly do as your career?"

A: Well, not in 8th grade, that's for sure. I still had to go to high school. I had to get to that point. High school was a different experience, a different monster for me, so not until high school, around the tenth grade when I realized I started dominating and dominating. That's when I thought I could make a career out of it.

"That's it from me. time to catch some sleep, get ready for Greece and get some revenge for the loss against them in the World Championships back in 2006. this is our time."

Baron Davis: Maroon Boom

Baron has laid the karaoke gauntlet down:

"Bet you didn't know your boy boom had skills like this," he writes. "If you think you can do better come test your skills at IBeatYou! I'll be watching."

Watch Baron rock the mic to Maroon 5's 'Won't Go Home Without You'

Marcellus Wiley: Midsummer Night's Dream

Our man Marcellus hangs with the Playboy bunnies and lives to blog about it:

"So I throw on my attire for the evening, which is simply a robe, some NFL tights I stole from the Jacksonville Jaguars (sue me … haha) and some slippers," he writes. "Can you believe I was actually over-dressed? Well, this became fact when I checked in and saw grown men and women in lingerie, pajamas and less. Everyone was wrangled into dozens of shuttle buses on the way to Heff's mansion. Let's just say, this was one bus ride that this black man had no problems with sitting in the back of the bus!

"Even Michael Clarke Duncan, who may resemble me in bad lighting is much smaller than me. Can you believe that? I was the only guy who looked liked he could have ever stepped on a football field, as a player. Most of these cats looked more like the Jerry Jones type — only stepping on the field to check on their investments. Needless to say, I got a lot of attention."

"This party was phenomenal for two reasons:

1) Where else could you get such high net worth people to walk around in their Nyquil nightwear while still garnering respect and having a great time?

2) Where else can a kid from Compton, in the same lifetime, get invited to a Beverly Hills mansion to wear pajamas?"

I'm not sure, but A-Rod was born in Washington Heights and he has attended a Kabbalah gathering. They wear pajamas, right?

Pat Bertoletti: Drunk Training

"This is me doing my best hasslehoff impression but I'm actually training for the krystal square off on sept 28th," he writes. "Who could have thought that a drunk craving can also turn into usefully training session and pabst blue ribbon sponge. I leave tomorow for Prague. There is a 35 year old plum dumpling contest that is taking place that will include myself and Hall hoover Hunt competing against other czech eaters. It will be an hour of eating and should be a blast. I will upload videos and picture links when I return."

Yes, he actually put up a drunk video of him eating White Castle burgers. Awe. Some. Peep it here.

Sara Hall: Trouble at the Border

The Olympic distance runner, as she entered China:

"Though I had a visa, I was stopped as I went through passport control, and asked a bunch of questions in Chinese," she writes. "I had no idea how to answer, and soon all the policemen were gathered around my booth, flipping through my passport, asking me questions, and talking amongst themselves. I tried to describe who I was, but none of them seemed to understand English. Finally, I saw a Beijing 2008 flag on a desk, and pointed to that, and then acted out the running motion, and that was enough for them to let me through. Phew!"