Tough Love

Man, I hate roaches. Those little fast walking aliens are the worst things ever. Yet, being a New Yorker I've had no choice but to face those little bastards my entire life. Despite my overall opinion on the insect, I'm super psyched on Zoo York's new Cockroach Artist Series. These boards are "Inspired by Gotham's most unbreakable resident, the cockroach" and features custom roach art by five NYC artists including Greg Lamarche (SP.ONE), Steve Nishimoto (Nish), Kyle Talbott (Mesk One), Stephen Halker and Jules Kim (Bijules). So sick. I want one of these for my wall. Or maybe not. The roaches I house might believe the graphic to be some sort of shrine for their overlord, causing them all to congregate in my living room for mass. That would be bad for me.

While on the topic of Zoo York, RB Umali and the boys just released a trailer for their highly anticipated full-length video, State Of Mind. Peep the teaser. Man, I'm psyched for Eli Reed's part. That dude has been on fire lately...

In some other news, Tyler Surrey is riding for Vox. Sk8Mafia's Wes Kremer has been officially added to the DC Shoes am roster. At Manny Mania, I noticed that Stevie Williams was skating in Nike's and Jack Curtin in Converse. What's up with Reebok? Is that sh*t dead? If so, the entire DGK posse are free agents. Baker Boys Distribution has a new, nicely functioning website. Santa Cruz' Alex Carolino has some fresh footage over at Strange Notes. Cliche' Skateboards has posted their newest "remix" video entitled De'ja' Vu for your viewing pleasure. There's some cool footage from Ronnie Creager and his Blind teammates skating to Journey that I found. Check it below...

Somewhere along the lineage of time, someone somewhere was quoted as saying, "It's better late than never." Whoever erected this timeless phrase never once considered somebody wanting nothing more than to join a boy band. Once joining that boy band (let's say N'sync for arguments sake), he'd take things to the next level, performing solo gigs and maybe even taking a shot at the big screen. Let's not forget the accompanying trim. But that certain somebody is now a man and it's much too late for career-making power moves such as the one mentioned. With those tearfuls words expressed, I originally wanted to post these photos about BTTB and Manny Mania. Unfortunately I didn't get ahold of them until now. They were shot by a guy named Felipe Lara who can be seen stumbling around downtown, slamming drinks, getting ejected from bars and shooting photos like a g'damned maniac. Thanks Felipe.