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Raja picks up the charge, but goes the floor in a heap. After making the obligatory claim that his feet weren't set to save face with the officials, you walk back down court to the smiles of your teammates. They got the message: This is your house. Re-energized, the Lakers take control down the stretch and put the Suns away.

You're headed to Boston for a showdown with the Big 3 for all the marbles.

Flash-forward to game 7. That ring is so close you can taste it (Remarkably, it tastes not unlike veal) and you're only down by two going into the last possession of the game.

The ball is in your hands—of course—and you penetrate the lane, drawing every member of the Big 3 with you.

3 seconds.

As you go up for a circus lay-up, you spy Derek Fisher wide open in the corner.

2 seconds.

There's no guarantee you'll pick up the foul here.

Do you dish to D-Fish?