Wednesday Wangdoodles

• Chris Jaffe, who sometimes interviews real no-names, sort of breaks some news with Bill James: "You've got a new book coming out -- Baseball's Gold Mine. What's that going to be about? ... You've got a new website you're coming out with as well, Bill James Online. What will be the nature of that site -- a think tank for research analysis, a blog, a reference site, something else? Will you be the only contributor or will there be others?"

• Speaking of new books, an upcoming book about the Bucky Dent game leads to a general discussion about the single greatest games. I've read through the candidates, including some interesting possibilities posted by readers, and now I'm more confused than ever.

• Rich Lederer furthers the discussion -- begun by Patrick Sullivan and advanced by my friend Mark Armour -- of measuring hitters' performance by plate appearances rather than at-bats. So simple, a caveman could do it ... as we should have been doing it for all these years.