Last Year's Rank: 87
Title Track: 66
Ownership: 58
Coaching: 5
Players: 61
Fan Relations: 67
Affordability: 76
Stadium Experience: 116
Bang for the Buck: 68

After enduring nine different coaches in 13 seasons, Islanders' fans were feeling ornery. Fortunately, second-year skipper Ted Nolan looks like he might know what it takes to save them. The notoriously icy bunch also seems to be warming to owner Charles Wang—thanks to his willingness to spend. If only Wang could just throw wads of cash at the team's toughest obstacle: renovating its home arena. Thanks to bureaucratic snags, Wang's Lighthouse Project—a state-of-the-art facility, including a training facility, to be built on the grounds of the outdated Nassau Mausoleum, uh, Coliseum—remains frozen. Unfortunately, so do the fans. Bemoans one blogger: "Walking across the vast, windswept parking lot in the dead of winter is like traversing the Siberian steppes." At only $6.75, at least it's Siberia on the cheap. - Doug Mittler

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