"Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all century." Getty Images

The last lunch links your're going to see for two days.

• Los Angeles Dodgers are 50-years-old. Vin Scully has called every season.
Adios, Air McNair.
• Where's Justin Verlander's velocity?
• Not sure what to get Eli Manning for his wedding? Check his registry.
• First Yoga in Russia, now Vladimir Putin loves rhythmic gymnastics too.
• It's impossible not to make money in MLB. Forbes' rankings of baseball team profitability.
• "Tenacious D" was coined for Kyle Korver.
• Memo to Missouri offensive lineman Austin Wuebbels: As cops are writing a speeding ticket, don't reach under the dashboard.
• Sun-Times writer challenges A.J. Pierzynski to base-stealing contest.