Soccer-UEFA to bring out football dictionary

By Mark Ledsom

BERNE, Switzerland, April 16 - European soccer's
ruling body UEFA is to bring out a tri-lingual football
dictionary with about 2,000 entries.

It will contain "official terms used by UEFA and FIFA, as
well as terms used by professionals and ordinary fans in
everyday football life," UEFA said on Wednesday.

Subjects covered will include the game itself, stadiums and
security, equipment, medical matters, the media, management and

"Football cannot live entirely without its own language,"
UEFA president Michel Platini said in the book's foreword.

"Players and coaches need to communicate in order to follow
training routines and tactical instructions...and the game's
administrators need to be able to converse and exchange opinions
and ideas in precise detail."

Published in English, German and French, it will help
"multilingual communication in the football world," UEFA said.

The dictionary will contain some of the sport's more
colourful terms, such as slang for heavy defeats, but is not
being marketed at regular football fans.

"It's primarily to help the sport's administrators and
perhaps coaches such as Ottmar Hitzfeld who will be taking over
the Switzerland team later this year with no real knowledge of
French," UEFA's head of language services Florian Simmen told

"But it is also available in normal bookstores so any women
who want to really impress their husbands during Euro 2008
should definitely think about buying it."

Produced by German reference book publishers Langenscheidt,
it will be presented in Munich on May 7 ahead of Bayern Munich's
league match against Arminia Bielefeld.

(Reporting by Mark Ledsom; Editing by Trevor Huggins)