Fantasy sleepers on bad East teams

Go ahead, rip the Eastern Conference. Is it as strong as the West, where the Lakers, Spurs and 10 total teams are above the .500 mark? No, I can't make that case. But you are aware there was a big Eastern Conference game on Wednesday involving the top teams, by record, in the Association, right?

With apologies to the amazing LeBron James and his defending-conference-champion Cavaliers, those underrated Orlando Magic and even the scrappy, playoff-bound 76ers that I root for, the Celtics and Pistons certainly seem to be on a collision course for the right to go to the NBA Finals. Good, that's the way it should be. Pit the best against the best. The East can win the title, you know.

I've never played in a fantasy basketball league that differentiates East players from West, so it's not really an issue of which conference has better players. In baseball, by contrast, we've debated AL versus NL, and come to the conclusion that no matter how successful the AL is in World Series and All-Star games, the NL has the stronger players. I can't make the case for the East having better players, although that LeBron guy is pretty good.