Autumn On The Rise

It's Friday people, the last day of the week before our state mandated two day vacation offering. I hope you all have fantastical plans involving skateboarding for the weekend. Me, I'll be riding a skateboard, getting in some last bbq licks and hopefully be getting drunk. We'll have to wait and see what happens. With this post I plan on doing something that's pretty much revolutionary. I'm gonna set things off with a little news/current events section and follow that sh*t up with a full-on product review. Yeah, that's right. Thought I wouldn't? Think again, FOOL. Stand back as I step into this blog post with the lyrical ferocity of Big Daddy Kane and the physical dopeness of this guy.

Silas Baxter-Neal has had a big-ass year. Aside from getting a ridiculous amount of coverage in every form of skateboard media, he dropped an amazing part in Habitat's Inhabitants, picked up a new clothing sponsor (Elwood), nabbed Transworld Skateboarding's "Best Rookie" award and was part of their "Best Team" award as well (Habitat). Now the dude who can skate just about everything has made a big move by leaving eS' Footwear to take up residence as an Adidas team rider. Go to the Adidas site to check out exclusive photos of Silas skating in a full-on Adidas get-up. On the topic of eS', the site's team page is missing Raymond Molinar. Word on the gravel is that Raymond is riding for the newly formed Converse skate team, alongside Pops, Sammy Baca and Kenny Anderson. But these are just rumors. No official word yet.

Check Silas' part from Inhabitants. Fast, stylish, solid and gnarly.

Part two of Gino Iannucci's Epicly Later'd Episode is up and running. There's some super rare footage of Ben Liversedge, Keanan Milton, Huf and more thrown in there. And there's footage of Gino dancing to John Cougar Mellencamp. You'll see. Ever hear of Travel Wheels? Well here's a little teaser from the brand.

So here's the review portion of this revolutionary post. I got me a hold of some Creation Skateboards recently thanks to Mr. Craig Nejedly. It's been a while since I rode a Creation board and in my momentary hiatus, I forgot just how solid Creation boards are. Super stiff with prominent concave and kicks, just the way I like'em. The first board I rode was a Ron Allen deck. This thing clocks in at 7.875 X 31.375. It's a nice width for feeling centered on ones board, while allowing one to maintain the flip tricks that could be lost at any minute (I lose tricks all the time). I rode the f*&k out of this thing and it lasted, all while holding it's pop the entire time. No mush on these boards at all. The other Creation board I rode was a much bigger one. The Creation Nation model is 8.25 X 31.75. It felt real good to ride a bigger board after I had recently revisited my 7.75 days. Super nice, sharp concave and kick on this one as well. In fact I'm still riding this bitch and after two weeks it's still solid under my feet. Go buy a Creation board now so you know just what I'm talking about.

I'm a big fan of the cruiser board. Here in Brooklyn, the rugged pavement can be your worst enemy if you're not careful. Turn a corner, hit a pot hole or large crack and you're done. So when you're not into getting real serious with the sesh, it's cruiser territory for us New Yorkers. I've been riding a Zoo York Zinger for a while with some big, soft 65MM wheels on it. While it was fun to push around on them, doing any tricks with wheels that big was difficult. Sh*t, ollieing up a curb sucked with those tires. All my cruiser woes were put to rest when I started riding these Satori "Little Nugs." These wheels are super soft, 78A, and are small enough (54mm) to be able to lose the riser pads and skate your cruiser like a real board. Kickflips, Tre Flips and even Nollie Flips have suddenly been introduced to my life as a cruiser. So stoked on these wheels. I recommend these Satori Lil' Nugs for anyone who likes to "cruise" but do tricks along the way.

Now check this Creation/Satori Movement Commerical featuring Dave Caddo, Matt Pailes & Ron Allen...