Stadium Songs: Chicago White Sox

When White Sox fans hear their team's customized song, that means a Sox rally is in the works. Ron Vesely/MLB Photos/Getty Images

Every day of baseball season, in seventh innings around the country, fans stand and sing lyrics that were written way back in 1908. The sheer shelf life of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" proves that America’s first pastime has long been intertwined with its tunes. But for a more unique connection between city and club, teams rely on their own traditions -- some newer, some older.

We decided to find out the one song that each team relies on to get fans on their feet.

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Chicago White Sox

Song: “Let’s Go, Go-Go White Sox” by Captain Stubby and The Buccaneers

Tradition: Played during rallies at U.S. Cellular Field

Fun fact:

• The song was first used during a 1959 pennant run, lasted into the ‘60s, and then went away until 2005, when the staff brought back a re-mastered recording with the same vocals but more bass.

Bonus music:

• Every time an opposing pitcher is taken out, the White Sox play “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.” Organist Nancy Faust began playing it in the early 1970s, well before it became a staple at stadiums nationally. Today, the organist plays the "Na Na Na," and then falls silent, allowing the fans to fill in the "Hey Hey Hey."

• Also, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” was the theme song of the 2005 World Series White Sox. It is still played by fans in the parking lot.