Awolnation, Eldebrock featured on 'Unite'

Here's a list of songs from performers featured on ESPN’s "Unite" programming, links to the artist’s websites and links for you to download and buy the songs and/or albums:

November music on 'Unite'

D. Billa

"Let’s Go Dancin’" not available for sale.

Divine Rhyme

"On Our Way" from the "On Our Way” album (iTunes | Amazon)

Elan Noelle

"Game Over" not available for sale.


"Tomorrow" from the "Eldebrock” album (iTunes | Amazon)


"Joe’s Bread" from the "Radio Cries” album (iTunes | Amazon

Imani Chyle

"Lose Myself" from the "Lose Myself” album (iTunes | Amazon)

Mad Rapture

"Remedy" from the "The Remedy” album (iTunes | Amazon)

The Agents

"Hope" from the "Steady Forward” album (iTunes | Amazon)

The Atomic Giants

"Get in Line" from the "Get in Line” album (iTunes | Amazon)


"Game Time" from the "Game Time” album (iTunes | Amazon)


"Soul Wars" from the "Megalithic Symphony” album (iTunes | Amazon)


"Knights of Shame" from the "Megalithic Symphony” album (iTunes | Amazon)