Bronze Radio Return in new PGA Tour ad

The PGA Tour recently released its season preview video featuring Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and a host of others for its "Born For This" campaign.

The ditty in the background is by Hartford, Conn.,-based roots rock band Bronze Radio Return. The song, called "Further On," will be on their forthcoming third release later this year.

Playbook had a chance to talk a few minutes with the band's lead singer, Chris Henderson, about the commercial and their musical stylings. The other members of the band are Patrick Fetkowitz, Robert Tanen, Matthew Warner, Robert Griffith and Craig Struble.

First off, where did you guys get the name "Bronze Radio Return?"

"I grew up in Maine and my dad is an artist. My daycare was in his art studio. My sister and I would listen to a lot of music on a bronze-colored radio. We would listen to traditional folk music, blues and everything. That stuck with me. When we were putting together the band, we realized that all of us had these kind of influences. Everybody had their own bronze radio."

You hit it big a few months ago with Nissan using your "Shake Shake Shake" in a commercial. Is that how this deal with the PGA Tour came about?

"I'm not 100 percent sure. We just knew some people who were looking for a song for the commercial. We were very fortunate they picked it. I believe our drummer Rob is the only golfer in our crew. I've been known to rip up a mini golf course, though."

You have your third CD released this year. I assume you don't want to be known as a commercial jingle band.

"We use commercials as a vehicle to get our music out to a larger audience that wouldn't otherwise hear it. We're fortunate that we like the brands we're working with. We just want to get our music out there. We hope that people hear a tune and want to listen to more than one song. I have faith in the music listener. I want people to come in and dig the tune and maybe it becomes less a PGA thing and more a cool new band thing."

Indie, roots rock and revival rock. You've been labeled a lot of things. Where do you get your influences?

"One of the funny things that work well in our band is that everybody is listening to something entirely different. We feel it's more a mish-mosh of things. Any time a new sound comes into our camp, we tug on it this way and that way. We love the honesty of music and genuine spirit and the raw song writing gets me going."

You guys are based in Hartford, Conn. Why not move to Austin, Texas, or Nashville, Tenn., or another city to be immersed in that sound?

"I could go on and on why we love Connecticut. It's our home. We love living in New England. The proximity to a big market is wonderful. Our friends in Midwest bands have to travel five times the distance to get to major markets. We can get to and perform in New York and Boston easily."

And you guys love touring, right?

"It's a way of life for us. Tour means adventure. We're in a van for 12 hours a day. For all of us, it means growth. We feel like every day is a little different when you get to meet a new person in a new place. We constantly feel like we're going ... further on."

Oh, wow. Smooth. Conversation comes full circle.

"I was just waiting for you to ask that question, so I could slither that line in there!"