Music Issue playlists: Kelly Rowland, D-Nice

Kelly Rowland and D-Nice entertained in New Orleans, and offered playlists of favorites. Barbara Blake/ESPN

For ESPN The Magazine's Feb. 18 Music Issue, we gathered music playlists from the subjects of each of the feature stories. As part of our supplemental coverage on Playbook Sounds, we will be posting all of the Music Issue playlists here.

For these two playlists, we look not to the feature well of ESPN The Magazine's Music Issue, but instead to last weekend's NEXT party in New Orleans. Kelly Rowland was one of The Mag's special invited guests, and DJ D-Nice provided the night's soundtrack.

Rowland is a Grammy Award-winning recording artist who will be releasing her fourth solo album this spring.

D-Nice is a legendary hip-hop artist, DJ to the stars and accomplished photographer.

The Playlist: Kelly Rowland's Workout Tunes

The Playlist: D-Nice's Tracks