7Lions' 'Born 2 Run' a hit in sports circles

7Lions doesn't have a debut album out yet. But it's already found firm footing in the sports world.

The Los Angeles band's single, "Born 2 Run," has already been used during television broadcasts for NASCAR races, NFL and MLB games, and during the Australian Open and Breeders' Cup coverage on ESPN.

The song is also catching on at grass-roots levels, in marathons, workouts and road races, a testament to the theme of the song, according to Prophet (aka Mika Guillory), the group's rapper.

"Some of the stuff we talk about in the verses is about how life goes fast, but you still need to reflect and write through anything adversity-wise, to try to come through it on the other side," Prophet said. "We were born to basically struggle through these things. Sports is such a struggle. It's about challenging your body, your mind and your spirit.

"[The song] is such a symbiotic tie-in, helping motivate people to maintain an active lifestyle."

Signed to superstar producer RedOne's 2101 Records (Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull), 7Lions is a fusion of styles. Prophet has been a solo hip-hop artist and joins with lead singer/guitarist Forrest Fulmer, keyboardist Morgan Taylor Reid (who is also an accomplished producer), guitarist Will Carpenter, Daniel Hange on bass and drummer Tony Tommasi.

"Forrest has that Chris Cornell raspy voice, rock vocals, an instrument I don't have in my arsenal," Prophet said. "Morgan brought a sound that tied in the electronic hip-hop and everything I enjoy, but still keeps the rock element of other members of the band. 7Lions is giving us a unique opportunity to forge like Voltron."

When he's not creating music, Prophet stays busy in L.A. by being a Lakers season-ticket holder. He admits to being frustrated at times this season, watching the team struggle with its new components. His fear?

"Kobe may be getting cheated out of the last few glory years," he said, noting the trades the team made this season. "I think there's a way to go about it where you don't completely disassemble the matrix of what has the potential to complete the dynasty."

And although he's a San Francisco native (and 49ers and Giants fan), Prophet admits to being caught up in the enthusiasm over Magic Johnson's group buying the Dodgers.

"If anybody understands Los Angeles, it's Magic Johnson," Prophet said. "Everything from his fitness centers in the hood to his history here."

But Prophet is currently focusing all of his attention on the band and getting ready for their big introduction to the world.

"Right now, everything's really culminating to a head. We've got an EP pretty much ready to go. We're just doing some finishing touches in the studio," Prophet said. "We're trying to get out to Coachella to play some after-party stages. We've got the Viper Room lined up. I've been holding the music back because everything wasn't quite ready yet as far as exposing 7Lions to everybody. But we're right there, we're crossing that starting line ... I think I heard the starting gun, so we're excited to let people be a part of this journey with us."