Fabolous x VILLA Launch Exclusive TV All-Star Jersey Collection

Fabolous x VILLA

Amongst the fans, celebrities and world-renowned athletes attending this weekend's NBA All-Star festivities, Grammy nominated hip hop icon, Fabolous, has captured our attention with his newly launched TV All-Star Jersey collection. Before heading to Toronto, ESPN Music caught up with Fabolous to find out what the inspiration was behind the exclusive fashion line.

VILLA, the nation's premier lifestyle retailer, first welcomed Fabolous to the movement in December 2015 when the two trendsetting machines launched the Watch Me Ball Jersey line. The line noticeably drew inspiration from several iconic basketball moments in cinematic history. Fabolous told ESPN Music: "The collection was not only inspired by my passion for sports but also my interest in fictional/TV shows with sports themes & teams." Watch Me Ball featured jerseys worn by the fictional characters we know and love from Above The Rim, He Got Game and Any Given Sunday.

"VILLA is excited to present the next chapter in our collaboration with Fab. All-Star weekend is the most competitive time of the year for releases, and we came strong with these three jerseys..." - Patrick Walsh, Chief Marketing Officer at VILLA.

Fabolous & VILLA's latest collection, an exclusive TV All-Star Jersey line, has allowed Fabolous to achieve success in the fashion world by drawing from his love of vintage jersey's and 90's pop culture.

On teaming up with the VILLA brand, Fab said "VILLA has done great a great job with their collaborations and I have always been a fan of the brand, so the idea for the partnership was perfect. They have a good relationship with their customer and they know what their customer will support." This collection pays homage to the Degrassi High and Bel-Air Academy styles that have been referenced in the hip hop world for years. "I never knew fashion. My first knowledge was just knowing that I liked to look cool and make an impression with my outfit. I felt good about myself when I had cool pieces," Fabolous continued, "I've been dropping sports figures names in my raps and metaphors since I started making music. Sports and music were both something I was passionate about growing up."

Fabolous has been hard at work on his much anticipated album, The Young OG Project 2. So we asked, what can fans expect to hear? "The Young OG Project 2 is a good music vibe inspired by 90's R&B. I put a lot of great energy and steam rolled off the last mixtape into it. There'll be some great beats and new features for my fans to enjoy!" said Fab.

With Fabolous as the fashion curator and face of the collection, he'll have the fashion, music AND sports world all chanting 'Broooook-Lynnnnnn, Brooook-Lynnnnn' for years to come.

If you can't make it to Toronto this weekend, you can stay up to date with all of Fabolous's appearances and performances by following him on Twitter!