Snoop Dogg pitches, talks lingerie hoops

Snoop Dogg claims he threw a "changeup screwball" on his first pitch at the White Sox game. AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

CHICAGO -- Before throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at Thursday night’s White Sox game, Snoop Dogg said he received something far more valuable than advice as he visited with the team in the clubhouse.

“One of them gave me some of that mmmm, that do-it fluid, that muuuah, you know what I’m talking about,” he told a crowd of reporters. “That thing so I could be right.”

He didn’t specify what exactly was in that “do-it fluid.” Whatever it was, it worked like a charm.

And while most pitchers spend their entire careers trying to perfect something other than a fastball, the rapper-actor claims he’s capable of unleashing a deadly arsenal in a single heave.

“It was a changeup screwball, one of my pitches that I normally don’t really go into but we’re in the Windy City so I had to make sure it got over the plate the right way,” he said. “My right hand is good.”

Snoop's changeup screwball hit the mark, despite the fact that he wasn’t much of a baseball player in his younger days.

“A lot of my homeboys played baseball coming up but I never could really grab a hold of it,” he said. “We chose more football, basketball, but we do know how to (play baseball) if necessary.”

Thursday night’s appearance at U.S. Cellular Field was a last-minute one, a mere pit stop before he’d go on to entertain the masses at the Horseshoe Casino in nearby Hammond, Ind., later in the evening.

His good right hand helped the sports fanatic build a strong youth football league from scratch in Southern California.

So after conquering the entertainment and youth sports industries, does Snoop see professional franchise ownership in his future? He’s not ruling anything out, though it’d have to be a specific kind of franchise.

“I’d own a lingerie football team,” he said laughing. “A lingerie basketball team.”