Athletes freak out about Tupac hologram

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Athletes freak out about Tupac hologram

A brief sampling of professional athletes reacting to the holographic Tupac performance at Coachella.

Storified by Dave Wilson · Mon, Apr 16 2012 16:48:37

Let's be honest. The holographic Tupac (and yes, you know there's some NSFW language in there) performing out in California at Coachella with Snoop and Dr. Dre is pretty fantastic.

Apparently, many professional athletes felt the same way. Here were a few of our favorite reactions:
LeBron James, maybe you've heard of himTupac at Coachella is crazy, dope and sends chills through my body! Make sure y'all check that out. Looks 2 real! #RIP2PacLeBron JamesBill Walker, New York KnicksJust watched that 2pac hologram and I was speechless. Technology is getting crazy!!! Or did he film that himself? HmmmWest Virginia SlimJustin Durant, Detroit LionsLet 2Pac rest maneJustin DurantDevante Smith-Pelly, Anaheim DucksThat Tupac hologram was the scariest and the craziest thing I've ever seen #CoachellaDevante Smith-PellyAnthony Davis, San Francisco 49ersthat 2pac 3-D hologram at coachella is kinda scary yo.Anthony Davis Damien Woody, former NFL offensive lineman, and ESPN NFL analyst, on the Young Money & Cash Money Billionaires label (Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj)

How long b4 YMCMB signs Tupac's hologram to a record deal?Damien WoodyJeff Green, Boston CelticsSeeing this film of Tupac at coachella was the craziest thing ever...looked to realjeffEvan Mathis, Philadelphia EaglesI wish I was at Coachella for the Tupac hologram to see the reactions of the kids on acid and shrooms.Evan MathisBrandon McCarthy, Oakland A'sJust had a chat with holographic Tupac about his thoughts on global warming...of course I've had an ambien so maybe it's just bedtBrandon McCarthyDan Buckner, former University of Texas and University of Arizona wide receiver, and current NFL draft prospectWait was tupac really at coachellaDan Buckner