Extreme Sound, Solos songs on 'Unite'

Here's a list of songs from performers featured on ESPN’s "Unite" Programming, links to the artist’s websites and links for you to download and buy the songs and/or albums:

October Music on "Unite"

Extreme Sound

"Good News" not available for sale.


"Pressure" from the "Pressure” album (iTunes)

Matthew Curry

"Blinded by the Darkness" from the "If I Don’t Got You” album (iTunes | Amazon)

McKenzies Mill

"Rock It Out" from the "McKenzies Mill” album (iTunes | Amazon)

Red Wine Hangover

"Color and Sound" not available for sale.


"Live it Up" not available for sale.

Sword Strong Empire

"Everything to Me" from the "Sword Strong Empire” album (Amazon)

Tre Peace

"Party" from the "Party” album (iTunes | Amazon)


"Rock for My City" from the "One Life to Live” album (iTunes | Amazon)


"Never be the Same" from the "King Noah” album (iTunes | Amazon)