MasterCraft Throwdown Performer Kip Moore Kicks Off His Comeback Kid Skatepark Project

Kip Moore has been quite a busy man in the last few months. Touring extensively with acts like Dierks Bentley, Moore makes his X Games debut this Saturday, August 8th with a performance at MasterCraft Throwdown in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There's no slowing down the Comeback Kid as he prepares to release his next album Wild Ones on August 21st through MCA Nashville.

"We've been touring all year long for the last 4 years and I don't see that letting up anytime soon." Kip Moore told ESPN Music that "this album was a lot more of me writing on the road. It was a lot more of an organic process in the sense that I'd come up with the guitar riffs ... I would lay in my bunk at night and I would think about lyrics. I would think about it for days and weeks and I would let them come to me."

Aside from recording and touring, Moore wanted a way to give back to disadvantaged children in communities throughout the country. Through his non-profit organization, Kip's Kids Fund, Kip Moore launched the Comeback Kid Skatepark Project to build skate parks in major cities. An avid skater himself, Kip has found that the skating community teaches many lessons for kids.

"My thing is that a lot of kids struggle so bad their whole lives, that there's no hope. I wanted to give them a little bit of hope with the brotherhood of friends and discover something new that they love. That's my whole hope with this thing ... a safe place to go with no violence for at least a few fleeting hours a day so they can escape from their problems. That's all i'm trying to do."

The Comeback Kid Skatepark Project broke ground on the first park in Nashville, TN, with upcoming skate parks in cities like Boston, San Marcos, Annapolis and Kip Moore's hometown, Tifton, Georgia.

"The beauty of skating is that it's such a community, it's such a brotherhood. Even though it's an individual sport, it's a lot more of a comradery... It's a band of brothers kind of thing. I just want to create a new outlet. An outlet that these kids aren't used to seeing."

A fan of all extreme sports, the 'Comeback Kid' (which is also the name the first song on his upcoming album), will be rounding out the day of competition at MasterCraft Throwdown as the top athletes of Wakeboarding and Skifly compete at Milliennium Park.

"I'm looking forward to watching the incredible athletes do their thing. Anytime I get to watch somebody in their environment that I'm not used to seeing firsthand, I just have such an appreciation for that since I know how hard it is to master your craft."

For more information on Kip's Kids Fund and Kip Moore's upcoming 2015 WILD ONES TOUR visit kipmoore.net.