Our picks for NBA Social Media Awards

The NBA is producing its first-ever Social Media Awards Show Wednesday night at 9 p.m. on NBA TV, as the league will award its teams, players and individual plays that resonated the most in the digital space. There are some fun categories, including funniest blooper and best twitpic by a player.

Here are our choices for the six categories featured on the awards’ website.

The Social Slam Award, given to the dunk that went the most viral: Blake Griffin’s two most memorable dunks are the favorites -- even if his put-back dunk over Pau Gasol was clearly an over-the-back foul -- but I’m partial to Gerald Green’s windmill, alley-oop slam. That’s probably a 7 or 8 in a dunk contest, and this dunk was in traffic in a live game!

The EPIC Award, given to the most memorable performance: No one speaks much of Linsanity these days, but if there’s one thing that was “epic” about this season, it was the undrafted Harvard kid rising to NBA stardom and worldwide celebrity in a matter of weeks.

The LOL Award, given to the funniest blooper: Gotta go with JaVale McGee inexplicably running back on defense when his team still had the ball. McGee never disappoints.

The Snap Shot Award, given to the best Twitpic by a player: I bet the photo of Landry Fields’ couch wins, but the people’s champ has to be Kevin Love’s classic mustache.

The “Got Game” Award, given to the best play: Call me old school, but I’ll take a passing highlight over a slam dunk any day – so I’m going with Danilo Gallinari’s behind-the-back pass to Kenneth Faried against the Celtics. It’s incredible; he’s out at the three-point line and no-look passes the ball behind his back to Faried, who dunks the ball before the Celtics even realize Gallinari passed the ball.

Triple Threat Award, given to the former player who’s now the most socially relevant analyst: Shaquille O’Neal, the host of the show, has been labeled the winner. But Greg Anthony, Jalen Rose, Kenny Smith, Magic Johnson and Chris Webber all fit the bill for this award. Weirdly, Charles Barkley isn’t a nomination.