Glyde makes selling games easy

Stack of games cluttering up your desk? The simplest and most convenient route to get rid of them has always been to head down to the brick and mortar store down the street and trade them in for what seems like pennies on the dollar.

But thanks to Glyde.com, gamers have a new alternative, giving them the ability to sell copies of games for their asking price to other gamers looking for a bargain.

Glyde initially began toward the end of 2009 as a way for consumers to simplify the process of buying and selling electronics online, but it wasn’t until the site opened up a video game section that things really took off for the start-up based in Palo Alto, Calif.

“We thought buying and selling on the Internet could be made easier than what we saw on eBay or Amazon,” says Drew Lieberman, the company’s CEO. “We wanted to take out all of the friction of selling, so on our site you don’t have to worry about descriptions or photos or anything like that. All you have to do is about 10 clicks, and your item is listed.”

Lieberman is right, as the simplicity of buying or selling an item is one of the site’s strongest points, along with the fact it handles any shipping problems by sending the seller an envelope (like Netflix) already addressed to the buyer. All you have to do is stick the game in the mail and wait for your check.

Listing products on the site is free, then when the game is sold, Glyde takes a small cut to handle the shipping and service fees, but since the seller is setting his own price in this peer-to-peer marketplace, he can definitely earn more through these transactions than by taking the easy way out and trading in his game at the mall.

"This is really a chance for people to get into games for affordable prices, then when they’re done resell the game and try something else,” Lieberman adds. “The focus is to make it easy, to bring value and to offer a great experience.”

And since sellers who put games up for sale on the site must also list the title’s condition (new, excellent, good or disc only), there are no surprises when that game does arrive in the mail.

“If the game doesn’t work for some reason, we will get you another copy," Lieberman says. “And if the game doesn’t match the condition expectations, then the seller isn’t paid and we will offer a replacement copy. We don’t have a rating system for transactions. Instead, we work as a shield between the buyer and seller so you don’t have to go back and deal with any of that.”

As for the most active games in Glyde’s catalog, Lieberman says “Madden NFL 12” and “NBA 2K11” are among the most purchased games on the site.

He also provides a clue on how to play sports games on the cheap.

“If you wait until September to buy ‘Madden 13,’ you’ll be able to buy it on our site for 29 percent off retail,” he explains, adding that the time to sell “Madden” is right around the Super Bowl.

“Buy the game in September and sell the game during the Super Bowl, and you’ll be close to breaking even," he says. "Time your transactions right and you’ll find an inexpensive way to play the games you want to play.”