Deion Sanders talks 'Madden' return

Deion Sanders said he's eager to see himself back with Atlanta, the city where his NFL career began. EA Sports

I once bought a cassette single of “Must be the Money.”

If that doesn’t tell you what a huge Deion Sanders fan I was as a kid, I don’t know what will (if only I could afford a diamond Rolex and gators on my feet).

So when I had the chance to talk to the man they call “Prime Time” about his “Madden” character and how gamers will be able to draft a rookie Deion to their teams thanks to the inclusion of legends in the "Madden 13" Connected Careers mode, I jumped -- scratch that -- I high-stepped at the chance.

Then again, when I tell Deion that he’s a 99 overall in the game, he looks at me sideways.

“I should be 100,” he boasts. “I should be 100 across the board in every category.”

Wait, isn’t tackling a category?

“I’m the peanut butter and the jelly,” he continues. “I’m the ham and the cheese. I’m the chocolate in the milk. I’m the syrup on the pancakes.

“I should be 100 in everything, really.”

As for Deion’s actual ratings in the game: 99 overall, 99 speed, 100 man coverage, 40 tackle.

“There should be no salary cap in 'Madden,' " he says with a laugh. "If you’re drafting me, I should be paid every dime from every team. It’s a lot of fun. I can’t wait to come back. Put me in Atlanta. I like the red and black. That’s where it all started.

“To me, 'Madden' is a great way for my legacy to live on. The game is fun, and it reminds me, I must’ve been pretty darn good at what I did to still be in this game.”