Changes coming to 'Madden' Ultimate Team

To some people, playing “Madden” year after year is simply about trying to right the wrongs of real seasons past by building their favorite franchises into championship contenders.

Rams Super Bowl? Might not happen in real life, but in a video game, anything is possible (besides, you can always kick the power cord if Sam Bradford gets injured in “Madden”).

But to an increasingly large number of gamers, playing “Madden” is no longer about the rosters you’re given. It’s about creating your own teams through the highly addictive card game known as “Madden” Ultimate Team (or to the hardcore, simply MUT).

“We’ve really doubled down on online business and operations,” says Ryan Ferwerda, producer of digital business for EA Sports. "We have a new staff in the studio, and they’re completely dedicated to Ultimate team. We’ve even hired an analyst to help us learn more about how our players play and what they like to do. We wanted a better idea of who the ‘Madden’ gamer is.

“But to us, our biggest goal this year is to constantly throw content at the MUT gamers.”

Click on the video, as Ferwerda details all of the new MUT features in “Madden 13,” including everything from the new card limits (up to 1,000 cards!) to the way the interactive card game will interact with Connected Careers.

Only thing missing is the virtual gum.