Top five passing teams in 'NCAA 13'

Airing it out with the quarterback is one of the most popular ways to play "NCAA Football," as points can be put up in a hurry. But it takes more than an elite quarterback to have a proficient passing attack -- depth at running back, wide receiver and tight end matters in making the nation’s top tier.

In this list we break down the best passing teams in "NCAA Football 13" and how best to utilize them.

5. Washington Huskies

Best player: Keith Price (QB #17): OVR 94, AWR 88, THP 89 THA 93.

How to utilize him: Price (QB #17) is the epitome of a pocket passer. Stay in the pocket and avoid scrambling situations.

Team strategy: The Huskies have one of the best passing attacks in the game. With Price (QB #17) and his elite throwing accuracy (93), you can expect to deliver every throw on target. The Huskies have two wide receivers who can put pressure on defenses with Kasen Williams (WR #2) and James Johnson (WR #3). Both receivers have speed to cause matchup problems in the deep secondary. The Huskies also have solid receivers at tight end. Austin Seferian-Jenkins (TE #88) is one of the best receiving tight ends in the game and backing him up is Michael Hartvigson (TE #84), who has a 97 jump rating. At 6’6” and with a 97 jump, you can expect to win almost every jump ball with him.

4. Georgia Bulldogs

Best player: Aaron Murray (QB #11): OVR 95, SPD 77, THP 93, THA 89.

How to utilize him: Murray (QB #11) is a rare blend of speed and throwing ability. Utilize his legs and arm.

Team strategy: The Georgia Bulldogs make number four on our list because of the elite ability of Murray (QB #11) and the depth at the wide receiver position. The Bulldogs’ top 5 WRs are all 6’1” or taller with one being 6’5”. Height in the passing game is important, especially with the accuracy that Murray (QB #11) possesses. Georgia has no speed burners at the WR position, so you want to have a possession-style attack. The backfield has a few backs who can catch, but they won’t play a major role in the passing attack. Consider leaving them in for pass-protection purposes.

3. Clemson Tigers

Best player: Sammy Watkins (WR #2): OVR 95, SPD 96, ACC 98, CTH 91.

How to utilize him: Watkins (WR #2) is explosive and has enough size to be a threat over the middle as well as downfield.

Team strategy: Nothing helps an elite quarterback more than an elite wide receiver. The Clemson Tigers have both of these. Watkins (WR #2) is arguably the best receiver in the entire game with 96 speed and 98 acceleration that not many defenders can keep up with. Mix in the depth with DeAndre Hopkins (WR #6), Jaron Brown (WR #18), and Adam Humphries (WR #16) -- all rated 81+ overall -- and Tajh Boyd (QB #10) has all the tools available to put together one of the most potent offenses in the game. His 87 speed will help open up passing lanes because teams must worry about containing his scrambling ability. The Tigers also have running backs who can catch passes out of the backfield and make plays in space.

2. Oklahoma Sooners

Best player: Landry Jones (QB #12): OVR 95, SPD 65, THP 94, THA 93.

How to utilize him: Jones (QB #12) has the advantage of two great backs who are threats to break short, safe throws.

Team strategy: The No. 2 passing offense in "NCAA Football 13" is led by Jones (QB #12), with his arm and not his legs. With 94 throwing power and 93 throwing accuracy, he is arguably the most complete pocket passer in the game. He has two excellent receiving running backs and one of the best overall receivers in Kenny Stills (WR #4). Oklahoma’s receiving corps runs seven deep, all of whom bring something to the table.

1. USC Trojans

Best player: Matt Barkley (QB #7): OVR 98, SPD 76, THP 93, THA 95.

How to utilize him: Barkley (QB #7) has the best receiving tandem in the country. Look to air it out downfield to Robert Woods (WR #2) and Marqise Lee (WR #9).

Team strategy: Barkley (QB #7) has all the tools available to him to lead his team through the air. Both of his top receivers are rated 90-plus overall and have 92 speed. They both have great hands with 92 and 91 catch ratings. Rely on these two players to consistently make plays for you in the passing game. To complement the speed of the receivers, USC has two big-bodied TEs in Xavier Grimble (TE #86) and Randall Telfer (TE #82). Both players are above 6-4 in height and have 80-plus catch ratings. The weapons that Barkley (QB #7) has in place make the USC Trojans the best passing offense in the game.

Honorable Mentions: Utah Utes, West Virginia Mountaineers

ZFarls and SGibs are the authors of the "NCAA Football 13" Official Players Guide, which is available now. They have been attending community events for both "Madden" and "NCAA Football" since 2011 and are also writing the "Madden NFL 13" Official Players Guide, which you can pre-order here.