'NHL 13' GM Connected mode detailed

EA Sports released a video breakdown of ‘NHL 13’s’ GM Connected mode, detailing the online features that should go a long way in making sure you’re glued to your controller this coming season.

GM Connected features up to 30 user-managed teams and up to 750 players in five modes of play: player versus computer, head-to-head, co-op online team play, coach your team, and build your A.I./simulation.

Talking about the new mode on the official EA Sports blog, producer Andy Agostini wrote: “When we started the year we discussed what we wanted to add to the NHL franchise and thru viewing user feedback we knew that an Online Dynasty is one of the most requested features. We also knew that Be a GM is the NHL franchise’s number one most played mode. Essentially, what we’ve done is taken all the best things from Be a GM and combined them with Online Team Play the base for our popular EA Sports Hockey League, creating the largest online dynasty mode ever.

“We know our users always wanted an online dynasty mode but we wanted to provide something different and innovative. I believe with this mode we have done just that. All online dynasty modes have at most 32 users in it but we can have up to 750 players of all skill levels due to the ways people can play and with the roles they can have in the league. We also allow people in different places to play together against other teams or the CPU. Our goal was to create tools to have leagues run their way. If a league wants to trade users to different teams they can do that in GM Connected. If two brothers living in different cities want to play together on the same team or against each other they can do that. It has so many possibilities and with the connectivity of the mobile application it allows you to stay connected to that league 24/7 allowing people to stay engaged with the experience.”