Voice commands enabled in 'Madden 13'

Ever get confused about what buttons to press while trying to call an audible or hot route in “Madden” and wish you could just tell your players what to do?

Thanks to the power of the Xbox 360 and the Kinect mic, gamers will be able to do just that in “Madden NFL 13,” adjusting plays and barking orders to virtual players at the line of scrimmage.

“What we’re looking at with Kinect for ‘Madden NFL 13’ is the ability to control your offense and defense post-play and pre-play via your voice, and that’s never, ever been done before,” explains “Madden” producer Victor Lugo. “What we’re looking at at the high level for the hardcore players is the ability to get more commands in before you say hike.

“For the beginners, we’re giving them the ability to understand the way their QB will actually call plays and the way audibles work so that they can better learn it and better call out the commands to compete at a high level. We’re bringing the accessibility to everyone and giving people the ability to act like their favorite QB or their favorite linebacker.”

Check out the video for a demonstration of calling plays using Kinect, and how seamless it is to simply call out a receivers name and tell him to run the streak.