Jeremy McGrath donates game profits

Supercross and motocross champion Jeremy McGrath says he will donate all his profits from the "Jeremy McGrath's Offroad" video game, a downloadable racing game developed by 2XL Games, to the Be The Match Foundation. The game was released June 27 for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

The idea to donate his earnings came after McGrath's wife, Kim McGrath, found a marrow donor match following her recent diagnosis of leukemia. The efforts were made possible through the Be The Match Foundation, a charity organization set up to help those in search of a donor match, and an outpouring of support throughout the motocross community.

Kim McGrath who was diagnosed with leukemia of the skin [leukemia cutis] decided that it was a fight she could not do on her own and after she survived breast cancer two years earlier, this fight was bigger than her.

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