'Madden' quarterback ratings votes are in

Last week, EA Sports asked fans to head to the official “Madden NFL 13” Facebook page to cast their votes for which quarterbacks in the game should have the highest ratings in traits such as speed and strongest arm.

Well, the votes have been counted, and EA Sports released the winners in each of the four categories:

Fastest QB: Robert Griffin III

Strongest Arm: Matthew Stafford

Most Accurate Deep Ball: Aaron Rodgers

Awareness: Peyton Manning

As per EA Sports, each of these players will see a boost to their ratings in the appropriate categories when the game ships to stores August 28.

But the voting doesn’t stop there. This week, it’s time to vote for which running backs should have the highest speed, acceleration, trucking, and elusiveness.

Head to the Madden page today and let your voice be heard before it’s too late.