Georges St. Pierre on knee, Silva and game

Georges St. Pierre is hoping to get clearance at the end of the month to get back in the Octagon. AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Graham Hughes

UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre doesn't really look at the calendar, but he knows there are some key dates he's focusing on.

• First up, Tuesday, when St. Pierre is out promoting his involvement in the just released video game "Sleeping Dogs."

• At the end of August, St. Pierre (22-2), who has been sidelined since April 2011 because of a knee injury, hopes the doctor clears him to fight so he can get a contract signed to face Carlos Condit on Nov. 17 in Montreal.

• Early 2013, a matchup with longtime UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva?

Playbook had a few minutes with St. Pierre to talk on those subjects.

Tell me about your role for this video game.

"It was awesome. I was a consultant to make it more authentic. The character I helped was a cop from Hong Kong. He is in street fights trying to infiltrate the mob. So when he wears my T-shirts and bandana, he'll get my power and he can perform some of my signature moves. I told the technician to make it more authentic. It was a lot of fun. I played it and it's pretty cool. It's really realistic."

How is the rehabbing of your knee?

"My knee is good. I'm going to the doctor at the end of the month, hopefully to clear me to fight. I can't wait. It's going to be a tough one as I'm fighting for a world title. I'm asking for nothing less."

Lots of buzz recently about Anderson Silva wanting to fight you.

"I'm not afraid of nobody. I'll fight whomever they put in front of me. I don't care. I want to get back healthy and do my job."

What was it like being on the shelf for more than a year?

"It was a very tough process mentally. I was stopped from doing what I love to do for a living. I couldn't train as much. I'm back and I'm very excited. I feel like I'm reborn, you know?

And Silva will be up after Condit?

"I focus only on the present and I don't focus on the future. I'm not even focusing on the fight in November. I'm focusing on passing the test for my knee this month from my doctor and I hope to be 100 percent for that."