Tebow losing big in 'Madden' Cover Vote

Tim Tebow is currently losing to Arian Foster in the "Madden" cover vote. Getty Images

When the "Madden NFL 13" cover vote was announced, the country was still buzzing from Tebowmania, and in all honesty, it looked like Tim Tebow's tournament to lose. A month later, Tebow has not only lost his spot as a starting quarterback in the NFL, he's losing the "Madden" vote by a surprisingly wide margin to Arian Foster.

Foster campaigned hard for the cover, spending the day in Bristol to talk up his candidacy, and it looks like all of his interviews paid off. In fact, everyone who spent the day with Foster at ESPN and campaigned for the cover, including LeSean McCoy and Victor Cruz, is winning big, proving that if you want the people to vote for you, sometimes you have to shake some hands and kiss a few babies (or at least, talk on-air about how you're a gamer).

And while Cam Newton is still crushing the field and getting the most votes of any other player in the tournament, there is a new number two in total votes, and that's Calvin Johnson. Megatron is straight-up laying the smackdown on Dwayne Bowe, and could end up going all the way if his huge swell of support continues.

Add to that the fact that Darrelle Revis is currently wiping the floor with Stevie Johnson, and it looks like we will end up with Revis taking on Cruz in a Jets versus Giants match-up in the Sweet 16.

Then again, just like any fan vote, things can change at a moment's notice. And with voting for the round of 32 open through Wednesday at 10 am ET, there is still plenty of time to vote your favorites through to the next round (or your least favorites one step closer to the curse).