'NBA 2K' adds Pippen to Dream Team

After backlash on social media, Scottie Pippen and 2K Sports finally agreed to a deal. Courtesy of 2K Sports

When 2K Sports announced that the 1992 Men’s Olympic Dream Team would be making an appearance in “NBA 2K13,” fans rejoiced... until they counted the players in the screenshot. Eleven? Someone was missing, and that someone was none other than Scottie Pippen, one of the greatest small forwards to ever lace up a pair of kicks.

But after widespread outrage on Facebook and Twitter, Pippen has put a halt to his personal holdout over the licensing of his digital likeness and will now appear alongside the rest of his gold-medal-winning teammates when the game hits stores Oct. 2.

"Feedback on forums, social media, and community interactions were the driving force in influencing Pippen to sign a deal, as fans had shared widespread disappointment over his absence from the 1992 roster," 2K Sports said in a statement.

After the news was announced, Pippen tweeted: "Joining @2KSports Dream Team in #NBA2K13 after hearing fans & family say I had to be a part of it. Settle the debate-easy choice!"

Should be interesting to see how they match up against the 2012 Olympic team in the game. If I simulate the 1992 team versus the 2012 team 100 times, how many do you think the original Dream Team wins?

I say the original Dream Team kills them inside with their size and wins 70 percent of the sims.

Can’t wait to see the virtual results once I get my hands on the game.