'NBA 2K13' releases My Career mode video

When the 2K Sports game design team heads online to extrapolate data in order to find out which features are being played most by consumers, it always blows them away when they see the numbers being put up by the “NBA 2K” My Player mode.

“It’s our most played mode by far,” said producer Rob Jones as he sat down with me recently in San Francisco to demo some of the new gameplay features in “NBA 2K13.” “People just can’t seem to get enough.”

So this year, the 2K designers went all out expanding My Player, adding so much that they changed the name of the feature to My Career, while expanding the mode to feature everything from GM sit-downs (trade me!) to the ability to be drafted No. 1 overall. And that's not to mention all-new endorsement and social media integration.

Check out the “NBA 2K13” Developer Insight video above for a full breakdown of how you’ll be spending your October.